Photography 101: Your Subject

Recently my friends, parents home burned to the ground. As tragic as it was insurance covered almost everything. But there were some things that money just couldn’t replace. Like the antique furniture passed down from family. Like an emerald ring from his great, great grandmother. And the photography, the beautiful glimpses of generations in action. Time capsules from the past, our family roots.

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You will never need a professional headshot for a child under 5. If anyone tries to sell you professional headshots for an infant or small child DON’T DO IT. Infants and young children change so quickly that if they needed professional headshots you would probably go bankrupt trying to keep the photos current. All you need is a good close up photo of your child’s head and shoulders facing forward, looking into the camera. No hats or costumes. You do need to be sure the lighting is good. Natural lighting seems to work best and try to get a shot with personality. Choose the photo that looks most like your child making sure you can clearly see their eyes, no squinting.

The next time you are getting your pictures taken, let your photographer know that you want more natural shots and fun ones. The photographer works for you and you and your family photographers are the stars. Have fun with it and be as natural as you can. The best moments in photography are the ones that are least expected and happen naturally. When you have to smile for a camera, just start laughing, those are the best smiles.

With this in mind, you will be identified members of her family as “official photographer” for his apparent interest in photography. family get together will present itself as a great opportunity to capture a family portrait, or an individual or a great view of times.

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Make your session day a fun day for the family: Get the little ones excited for their photo shoot! Tell them they are going to have a fun time playing with their new photographer friend. Take the family out to lunch or dinner before the shoot. Make the whole day a fun day so everyone is in great spirits. Try bringing your child’s favorite toys or items during your family session. This helps children feel more comfortable when they are surrounded by familiar items.