It’s Festival Time: Here Are Your Health And Safety Tips

OH&S (or Workplace Safety) is often a dry topic, discussed at work because legislation dictates that we must do so – certainly not because we want to.

One VERY important point: Check the headline news for your particular destination every few days in the weeks or months before your trip. Political and social environments can change rapidly in many places. This is the only time your research (such as historical statistics and information) cannot help you. If something huge happens with the economy, government, etc. your researched averages and “typical” rates of crime, safety, health, etc will not be as valid. Any country, province, city, place, in a state of rapid change, unexpected upheaval, or chaos will NOT fit in with your researched profile.

Forgive me safety statement if I explain the technology less than accurately. Simply put, the device uses GPS technology for establishing location, satellite technology for communicating location, and Internet technology for delivering the information.

UPDATE: Members of the editorial staff decided that in a conflict between journalistic ethics and the good of the school community, they would give priority to the latter: they redacted this piece in the archive.

Sunglasses – for safety statement reasons you should have a wide brimmed hat in the sun but hats make my head itch and so I advocate UVA/UVB protective sunglasses as an addition.

PPE – Make sure you provide your workforce with the proper protective equipment, not the cheapest. Too often unsuitable PPE is obtained for the workforce; this usually results in employees not using the equipment as they see it as a hindrance.

Consult a specialist. A specially trained therapist is in the best position to treat the person with compulsive hoarding disorder, so don’t be afraid to call this person in if needed.