Youth Soccer

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<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>The fundamentals of soccer are stressed in our training so that each player has the chance to develop their abilities and build on a strong base – from early age up through advanced training.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>Our training focuses on building on the basic skills of soccer up through an elite level of skill, building on their competence along the way.</strong></em></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* All of our young players train and play in a safe environment.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Everything is conducted with integrity and honesty.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Our Club is associated with good sportsmanship.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Everyone involved  is treated with respect.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Contact us for more information at <strong><em>__squarer__phone__squarel__</em></strong>.</p>
” font_fmaily=”” text_color=”#000000″ show_title=”yes” text_orientation=”left” text_orientation_mob=”left” top_padding=”” bottom_padding=”10″ left_padding=”” right_padding=”” bg_color=”” height=”” width=”” show_on=”A” advance_style_options=”no” css_id=”” css_class=”” display_name=”Text” crawl=”true” content=”<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong><a href__equalto____cout__><img class__equalto____cout__size-medium wp-image-527 alignleft__cout__ src__equalto____cout__×200.jpg__cout__ alt__equalto____cout____cout__ width__equalto____cout__300__cout__ height__equalto____cout__200__cout__ /></a>What is __cout__Youth Soccer__cout__?</strong></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong>Soccer for children is focused on physical, mental and emotional development through the sport of soccer.</strong></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>As the area’s premier Youth Soccer Club, <strong><em>“__squarer__companyname__squarel__”</em></strong> has been providing the highest level of youth soccer skills and competition for boys and girls from age’s 6-18 for many years.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>The focus of our games is on having fun.  Winning is good and it’s not all important.  The children engage in healthy activity. Every child will play, regardless of skill level.  The point is to have fun.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong>Kids are different, and because they are different, their physical, social and psychological needs are different. We recognize this, and our programs are aimed at meeting the different needs of all kids.</strong></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>The children will have an enjoyable, safe and healthy atmosphere to learn and play in. We include children who want to play for a single season or for many years as well as children who just want to have fun or kids who are wanting to go all the way to the highest level of competition. Our After School Soccer Program is the backbone of Soccer since it is offered to children ages 4 and up.The After School Program focuses on fun – so that children will fall in love with soccer and learn the basics of playing the game.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>Our Travel Soccer Programs gives youngsters the chance to improve their skill levels as well as their team skills under the wing of a licensed and expert coach. These coaches are trained to work with young people and will offer newer techniques in an environment focused on safety and enjoyment.</strong></em></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong><em>“__squarer__companyname__squarel__”</em></strong> provides youth with the opportunity to develop soccer skills and to play soccer with quality coaching in a positive environment that promotes good sportsmanship, leadership, character development, personal integrity, and self-discipline.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong>We are dedicated to aiding in the development of your children – through developing their skill levels in soccer as well as offering important life skills, such as: team work, goal setting, hard work, sportsmanship, character and health and wellness.  All of these skills prepare these children to succeed in school, on the athletic fields and beyond in life.</strong></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Contact us for more information at <strong><em>__squarer__phone__squarel__</em></strong>.</p>” module_id=3 ][/jk_mod][/jk_col][/jk_inner_row][/jk_special_col][jk_special_col type=”1_3″ colunms=”2″ is_special=”0″][jk_col size=”4_4″][jk_mod module_name=”sidebar” module_type=”non-content” sidebar=”Sidebar 1″ custom_module_name=”Sidebar” css_id=”” css_class=”” display_name=”Sidebar” module_id=”4″ module_id=4 ][/jk_mod][/jk_col][/jk_special_col][/jk_section][jk_section fullwidth_section=”no” special_section=”no” primary=”true” visibility=”false” visibility=”false” section_setting_id=4 ][jk_row primary=”true” visibility=”false” row_setting_id= “4”][jk_col size=”4_4″ primary=”true” ][jk_mod display_name=”Footer” module_name=”footer” module_type=”non-content” primary=”true” module_id=”5″ module_id=5 ][/jk_mod][/jk_col][/jk_row][/jk_section]