Scripture Prayer – Prayers Of Faith And Power

Often, we find ourselves asking God to bless us financially. We have to look within ourselves to see if we are doing our part. 2 Corinthians 9:10 tells us that God gives seed to the sower.

This re-creative process is the entire point of the journey; as we have free will and we again voluntarily choose to recall the Higher Awareness and return to it; each time re-creating ourselves- in the image of our higher self and the Creator.

Shock: After one begins to accept that a loss has occurred, shock often begins to set in. Your body and mind take a big hit. The emotions often run deep to the point where you feel as though your breath is being taken away. Helplessness is a common feeling. It’s experiencing a moment that you don’t want to go through. Some medical professionals describe shock as the body’s way of taking care of it’s self. Your heart may beat faster to restore the oxygen used quickly by your blood cells. The body is also using more energy and your PRAYER ONLINE metabolism is strongly challenged. Faint or loss of consciousness may occur.

The representative instead asked if there was anything she could pray with me about for the rest of this year or the upcoming year. I was a little confused but after a few seconds I replied that she could. I then gave her my prayer online and she prayed with me over the phone.

I belong to a cell group. Every now and then, I get sms’es about others needing help or PRAYER. Depending on what I was in the middle of doing, I either ignored the message, or I conveniently replied ‘ok’. If I remembered the message again later on, I would mention the issue briefly in chevrah lomdei mishna, but not before I was done with my own list of concerns.

David, Hannah and even our Lord Jesus got to a place in their lives that they had to suffer heavy loss but until they got that point of seeing the mightiness of God in their situation the problem remained. They overcame at last by accepting their challenge and created that room of joy where they can receive instructions from God on how to be an overcomer.

When I am humbled by prayer I am changed. My perspective of my life, my problems, the way others treat me, etc. is changed. When my perspective is changed and I am allowing God to show me what is truly important, what is eternal and what is temporal – WOW! In essence my life is changed!