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It is very easy to fall in love with several clothing designs, but it is very important to choose your dress according to your physique and personality. Every woman dreams to look like a princess. However a wrong choice of clothes can spoil your dream easily. One must dress up in a way to compliment his/her body structure, complexion and comfort zone. A trendy dress is not worth the price if a woman wearing it is not comfortable. Her dress will keep on distracting her all day; this will decrease her efficiency and dent her confidence level to some extent. So, the value of comfort cannot be ignored while dressing up.

Ring sizes range from sizes A to Z, though ladies tend to range between I and S and gents tend to range between P and Z. Size A is very small and size Z is very large.

Why not give yourself a boost in the chic department as well. Match your bikini to your beach accessories. A great looking hat and bag, and a quality pair of sunglasses and sandals will do wonders for your overall appearance. If you want to add some length to your legs, why not try a sturdy wedge heeled sandal?

Measure yourself or have yourself measured at your favorite store. Look at the LuLaRoe sizing for whatever brand you are purchasing or even think you may purchase and write the correct size down. A proper fitting bra will give you support and enhance your bust line. Remember that size is just a number!

Being a plus size girl myself, I know how difficult it is to find dresses. Often times dress stores, such as Jessica McClintock, don’t carry my size (18/20). And some stories that do carry my size only sell very frumpy looking dresses that just plain don’t look good on me, no matter what! So this creates sort of a dilemma. What’s a plus size girl to do?

The most popular option when it comes to shirts are polo style shirts that have a few buttons at the top and a basic collar. These are typically made from cotton or a cotton blend that helps to keep the body cool without being too heavy.

For more info: Faith 21 will have the size chart, shopping options, and locations of where you can shop. To read additional stories about plus size fashion, please visit my blog at The Curvy Fashionista.

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