Full Salad Diet

Mercury rising, sweat droplet runs through our neck and drops in the heated floor and vaporizes, what are you thinking off? Lets grab a plate full salad with ice cubes in its base. It not only cools down our body but it will shoot up immediate vitamin and mineral content in the body, you will feel charged up again. Right starters are made of amazing salads they don’t only bring great and outstanding taste but also bring health; every one knows health is wealth.

If you are looking for flat tummy then Salads are the best food to cover most of the deficiency in the body. Salads a day keep the doctors away. Salad has got lots of medicinal value that there is lots of books written on it. The salads are dressed up with vinegar lemon juice and other ingredients, salads are not expensive like other main course, it can be consumed at any time, it’s the lightest food and our digestive system can easily digest it.

Boiled salad is one the best way of consuming it the cold season, steam it, salt it, boil it, drain it, warm it, consume it for a healthy and rich flavor of salads. In the process of making of boiled the vegetables, they might turn in to pale yellow this is due to the steam effect, once its don they have to be cooled before that daring of the warm water is important.

Do you want your vegetables to look the same way after cooking like garden fresh? And have the same amount of mineral content when you bought them to the house, well then there is trick in doing it. If you add bicarbonate in the water all the mineral content and color of the boiled potatoes, cabbage, spinach. Also there are so many great recipes available for making pizza and hams.

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