Do Electronic Cigarettes Help to Lose Weight?

E cigarettes are quite a new invention and have been around for about two years. They are generally seen as a way to quit smoking cigarettes but in the past few years they have been seen as a way to lose weight. This is not an exaggeration, there are many people who buy them on the belief that by using them they will lose weight and the more they use them, the more they will lose weight. Learn more about spesifisert av eNikotin here.

E cigarette

But it doesn’t work this way really. If you smoke on an average basis then your body is used to smoking so you can expect to be healthier if you switch over to an electronic cigarette. This is not to say that you won’t get the same amount of calories from the cigarettes but the amount will be far fewer than if you were still smoking the real thing. It has been widely accepted that the nicotine in the real thing gives your body a surge of energy which makes it more likely to want to keep on going, but with an electronic cigarette there is no surge or high.

Also, the chemicals in the real cigarettes give off a lot of other toxins and they are not absorbed as easily by the body. This can actually make the person who smokes more sickly because they will be consuming more harmful substances in their body. With an electronic cigarette the chemical balance of the body will be much more favourable and so the user will be much less likely to feel sickly.

So it is no surprise that many are seeking weight loss and this is often where there cigarette comes in. They are a very popular choice to help people stop smoking because if they use the electronic cigarettes properly then there is a chance of weight loss. The problem is that they are not a substitute for cigarettes and they don’t actually help to prevent weight gain. If someone wants to lose weight, they have to cut out the traditional method of taking cigarettes or at least reduce their usage drastically.

You can lose weight by cutting down your calorie intake, drinking more water and of course exercising. You can also drink lots of fruit juice and herbal teas. All of these methods have their own benefits and you should consider all of them before buying an electronic cigarette.

It’s a shame that so many smokers are choosing the electronic cigarettes because they have so many advantages over normal cigarettes. They are easy to use and easy on the body in terms of the amount of toxins that are absorbed and so much easier to stop smoking. In addition to this they are also much healthier and they will actually help to give you a good health boost.